Selling Your Home

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Selling a home doesn’t have to be an emotionally draining and exhausting process. It is my goal to explain the entire process and give you many possible scenarios a buyer can throw at you. When an offer is submitted I want to have been able to prepare you for that situation so you will not be surprised. Being properly prepared for what may come is always better than being taken aback.

Settlers Walk is a unique community that lends itself to a very wide and diverse group of people. Touting all of the community events, recreation areas, club house, swimming pools, tennis courts, walking paths, The Marketplace, schools and its proximity to other areas in the community will help get your home sold.

Below is a quick overview of the items we will discuss in regards to selling your home. This is by no means an entire list. As you read through the booklet I will provide, you will get a clearer idea and understanding of what will be done by yourself and me to help procure a buyer for your home.
* Explain the entire selling process.
* Determine the fair market value of your home based on facts.
* Assist you in determining the listing price for your home.
* Develop a marketing plan specific to your home.
* Share proven techniques to help prepare your home for sale.
* Place your home in the Multiple Listing Service.
* Give your home maximum coverage in numerous publications.
* Place your home on numerous local and national websites.
* Present and advise you on all offers to purchase your home.
* Work to gain as much financial information as possible about the buyer.
* Be in contact with you personally, not through an assistant.
* Explain the closing process and give you an accurate estimate of the settlement.
* Attend closing and help explain all documents.